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Tourangeau Crochetière CPA Inc, we are an accounting firm boasting several Chartered Professional Accountants who tend to our customers’ personalized needs.

Our team has been working together for many years based on principles of professionalism, sustainability and teamwork.

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Sylvain Tourangeau


[email protected]

Since 1986, Sylvain Tourangeau has practiced as a CPA auditor in several business sectors particularly in manufacturing, incorporated professionals, retail and service companies. He is an asset for his clients in the evaluation, merger and acquisition of companies. His team relies on his capacity to ensure quality control as well as proven experience in audit and tax. He advises the board of several non-profit organizations.

Patrick Dionne


[email protected]

Patrick Dionne joined the firm in 2009 and became partner in 2014. Fascinated by the world of business and entrepreneurship, he quickly developed solid client relationships in emerging technologies and e-commerce, as well as a strong experience in the construction industry. His managerial profile allows his clients to implement best administrative and fiscal practices. He is appreciated for his frankness, availability and his business acumen. He teaches financial management for the APCHQ and is treasurer of LEVIC, association for young entrepreneurs as well as the Griffintown Horse Palace Foundation.

Antoine Crochetière


[email protected]

Antoine Crochetière has been with the team since 2000, when he was quickly able to become partner and to develop the firm. He boasts a solid expertise in the real estate and construction industry, offering adapted advice to the market trends. He helps his clients implement sound financial management techniques and is distinguished by his knowledge of complex corporate structures and reorganizations. Rigorous, diligent and available, he leads by example and shares his sense of duty with his team. He teaches financial management for the APCHQ and is involved as a board member of The Lung Association of Quebec.

Contact us to get acquainted and learn how we can serve your business.

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