Trust and estate

Supporting optimised trust and estate planning

We assure our customers that we take time to understand your professional and personal objectives in order to support a fiscal plan adapted to your needs.

The advantage of consulting one of our CPA’s is to get an enlightened opinion on cutting-edge financial and fiscal planning techniques available on the market such as:

Estate freeze

Fiscal transfer of assets

Corporate reorganization

Family and personal trusts


Personal life insurance

Individual pension plans

Succession tax

Legacy and liquidation of assets

Testamentary trusts

We coordinate trusts and estate planning with some of the best professionals in finance and tax law to set up structures that will suit your needs.

We rely on the input of trusted partners such as tax lawyers, notaries and financial security advisors.

Contact us now to discuss your options.

Our other tax services

Corporate tax

Discover the fiscal expertise we maintain in order to better serve our corporate clients for their income and sales tax needs.

Individual tax

Licensed individual tax preparer, we specialize in complex tax situations and policy.

Corporate reorganisation

In cooperation with experienced tax lawyers, we advise our clients in best corporate reorganisation practices.

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