Tax Accountant

Services adapted to current fiscal policy

We are very proud to offer our clients tax conformity services in line with current fiscal policy regulations.

We practice mostly in the following areas:

Federal and provincial income tax

Individual and corporate fiscal planning

Sales tax

 Representation to the fiscal authorities

Reorganizations, successions and trusts

Tourangeau Crochetière CPA Inc. is a member of the CQFF to better serve your fiscal needs.

Our services

Corporate tax

Discover the fiscal expertise we maintain in order to better serve our corporate clients for their income and sales tax needs.

Individual tax

Licensed individual tax preparer, we specialize in complex tax situations and policy.

Corporate reorganisation

In cooperation with experienced tax lawyers, we advise our clients in best corporate reorganisation practices.

Trust and estate

We advise our clients on asset protection, family trusts and fiscal obligations for the deceased.

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