Individual Tax

Achieve income tax conformity with evolving laws and regulations

Every year we make ensure the production of your individual tax according to the current standards and laws.

The advantages in having your income tax prepared by a professional are:

Fiscal planning and consulting in order to take informed decisions

Personalized council to optimize your family tax return

Fiscal integration between you and your incorporated companies

Your individual income tax is always revised by a CPA

 We optimize reimbursements

We receive annual tax training and updates for individuals from the CQFF

We specialize in complex individual income tax containing advanced technical aspects notably:

Self-employed persons

Professionals (Lawyers, doctors, engineers)


Family income tax

Rental properties

 Investment income

Sale of assets

Non residents, emigrants and immigrants

Book an appointment to meet a CPA who can assist you with the preparation of your individual taxes.

Our other tax services

Corporate tax

Discover the fiscal expertise we maintain in order to better serve our corporate clients for their income and sales tax needs.

Corporate reorganisation

In cooperation with experienced tax lawyers, we advise our clients in best corporate reorganisation practices.

Trust and estate

We advise our clients on asset protection, family trusts and fiscal obligations for the deceased.

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