Corporate Tax

Corporate tax

We ensure your fiscal conformity for tax preparation of your federal and provincial corporate taxes.

We want our corporate tax department to have added value for your company, and this is why we treat every file accurately to offer you the following benefits:

 Planning and optimization of deductions and available credits

 Fiscal Integration between your company and its shareholders

 Support Research and development credits

 Annual training of our Certified Professional Accountants

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Sales tax

In association with our Bookkeeping team we offer you a production and validation service for your conformity obligations Federal and Provincial sales taxes (TPS / TVQ / TVH).

Your monthly, quarterly or annual reports will be validated by a CPA which offers you the following benefits:

 Rigorous respect of deadlines

Knowledge of the laws and the rules surrounding the remittance of sales tax

Practical advice for the management of your tax obligations

Contact us to set up a healthy administrative structure.

Representation with tax authorities

During a time where fiscal controls are more and more frequent, we can accompany you during a government audit to represent you so that you can protect your rights and obligations in a just and fair way.

We also deal with experienced partners for the legal representation in situations of assessment, opposition as well as fiscal dispute.

Contact us to discuss your current fiscal audit.

Our other tax services

Individual tax

Licensed individual tax preparer, we specialize in complex tax situations and policy.

Corporate reorganisation

In cooperation with experienced tax lawyers, we advise our clients in best corporate reorganisation practices.


We integrate our bookkeeping services into your business cycle by offering solutions adapted to your type of company in order to optimize your financial reports and information.

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