Review Engagement

Rigorous control and analysis of your financial statements

The review engagement report is prepared by a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA auditor) and consists of the preparation of financial statements and asserts a moderate level of assurance to the users.

A review engagement mandate that our customers entrust us will have added value for your company on the following aspects:

Analysis of your needs and the reasons for assurance

Analytical procedures on the performance of your company

Discussions and meetings with the managers of your company

Examination of the plausibility of your financial statements

Personalized recommendations for governance and administration


We advise a review engagement report to small and medium sized businesses who have a complex financial structure or who want a rigorous control of their conformity as well as their administration.

We are also specialists for construction companies building new properties who must present review engagement report to the GCR (Garantie Construction Résidentielle).

Service de Comptabilité

Our other certification services

Corporate tax

Discover the fiscal expertise we maintain in order to better serve our corporate clients for their income and sales tax needs.

Corporate reorganisation

In cooperation with experienced tax lawyers, we advise our clients in best corporate reorganisation practices.


We integrate our bookkeeping services into your business cycle by offering solutions adapted to your type of company in order to optimize your financial reports and information.

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