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Quickbooks Time

Accounting time management software

Do you need a time management system that empowers your employees and allows you to improve your productivity? Call on TC Comptables, chartered professional accountants in Montreal, for Quickbooks Time integration and support into your accounting software.


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Benefit from a customized Quickbooks Time integration thanks to TC Comptables

You may already be aware of our support services and Quickbooks integration. But did you know that at TC Comptables, we can also offer you a tailor-made Quickbooks Time integration?

Whether you have just created your business, bought an organization, or simply want to optimize your productivity, we can help you optimize your employees’ time management and boost your business’s performance.

And if you have compatible accounting software, such as Quickbooks, Square, Xero, Sage, to name a few, we recommend Quickbooks Time integration.

Thus, your employees will just have to download the app on their Android or iOS mobile device to manage their hours, consult the tasks assigned to them or even add notes. Besides, they will receive a push notification or an email as soon as there is the slightest change or addition of a job. Of course, it will also be possible to work on a computer or tablet for employees who prefer this option, particularly:

  • to access their specific tasks;
  • to modify task codes;
  • to create a log of their working hours;
  • to mark their arrival and departure times.

Complete integration of the accounting solution

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quickbook time

TC Comptables supports you in the use of Quickbooks Time

As soon as the Quickbooks Time integration is complete, managers can synchronize timesheet data with their accounting assistant software in real-time with just one click.

No more time wasted entering employee hours in the accounting, or marking absences for vacation or illness: they simply need to revise the employee timesheets before the payday and approve, disapprove or even reject the hours. These sheets can optionally be processed one by one or in batches. Not to mention the appreciable comfort of the alert sent as soon as an employee approaches the overtime limit.


Additionally, since Quickbooks Time provides multi-level tracking of task codes and projects, the data can be used to establish billing.

Thus, both payroll and invoicing are managed much more quickly and precisely. And since a detailed history of modifications and deletions made on timesheets is saved, it can also be used in the event of an audit.

For your Quickbooks Time integration, trust TC Comptables chartered professional accountants and enjoy a smooth transition to version 2.0 of Employee time management. And since we provide personalized follow-up and support, in French, by the way, you are guaranteed to have a tool that will allow you to save time so you can better focus on your core business.


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