Financial Statements

The production of financial statements is a highly important precision work for a company. Far from being reduced to a legal obligation, they provide a global vision of the company’s financial health and help guide strategic orientations in the coming year.

We have therefore set ourselves the mission of supporting our clients in the production and analysis of a true decision-making tool that is indispensable for any manager.

Rigorous measures to achieve your objectives

Financial statements that comply with current standards

We take into account the rules established by the AcSB (Accounting Standards Board) and your preferences to assist you in the preparation of your financial statements.

We offer you the opportunity to follow the evolution of your business in real-time and analyze the achievement of your financial objectives with monthly, quarterly or annual statements reports.

A tool to help you make decisions

We recognize the importance of Financial Statements in our clients’ decision making. Income statements must provide a clear snapshot at a specific point in time of your company’s financial health. In addition, we monitor the evolution of financial ratios and the various KPIs that allow you to make an informed decision in your industry.

A collaborative work with our clients meeting clear objectives

To sum up, we want to accompany our clients beyond the simple accounting entry by positioning ourselves as a true partner. The preparation of financial statements is a collaborative work with our clients, with the following objectives:

The presentation of financial information reflecting the economic reality of the company

Decision support and analysis of the evolution of financial ratios

Supporting the company with its investors and creditors

Compliance with tax authorities

We prepare all our financial statements according to your needs, but we can also offer you certification mandates adapted to your company:

Review engagement


Contact us to find out how we can guide you in the preparation of your financial statements.

Our other accounting services


We also offer a bookkeeping service adapted to your needs and integrated into your business processes to facilitate your access to information.

Corporate reorganisation

In cooperation with experienced tax lawyers, we advise our clients in best corporate reorganisation practices.

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