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Dext Support and Integration

To free yourself from time-consuming data entry tasks and save time to devote more time to your core business, you have decided to integrate Dext into your accounting software. TC Comptables supports you in this process and in the use of this new tool, guaranteeing you a configuration adapted to your needs and perfect integration.

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Integrate Dext to my business

With TC Comptables, take advantage of a customized Dext configuration

Did you know that in addition to providing you with valuable advice on accounting and taxation, TC Comptables supports you with Dext integration and helps you to use this solution in a personalized way?

If you have cloud accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online, you probably have the option of linking it with your Dext account. TC Comptables undertakes to perform this operation and also for configuring the solution’s functionalities, taking into account your company’s needs and your way of working. We configure various settings:

Complete integration of the accounting solution

Customized configuration according to your needs

Assistance and supervision of operations

Continuous optimization of procedures

dext integration

TC Comptables supports you in the use of Dext

Once Dext is integrated, you can immediately start saving valuable time by using it to perform your company’s bookkeeping. You may also need help using the solution and getting the most out of its functionality, whether or not you have integrated the solution yourself.

If this is the case, TC Comptables can also assist you and review the configuration to adapt it more to your needs and if necessary correct erroneous elements.

Whether you have already completed your Dext integration or are about to do so, don’t hesitate to contact TC Comptables. Our team, serving organizations and individuals for over 25 years, is also Dext qualified. It will ensure this solution’s integration within your company is a success.

TC Comptables helps you to use Dext and to configure it.

Export and manage your data outside the application, in particular by configuring the export format best suited to your expectations, CSV or PDF
Customize and manage suppliers as well as automatic invoice collection from online supplier portals when possible
Categorize purchase invoices according to your own chart of accounts
Configure imports of bank statement data according to your Business Plus or Premium plan
Configure the access rights of the multi-user account – read-only authorization, modification, export – and create a space dedicated to each employee allowing expense reports to be monitored with a single click
Configure the document archiving mode: automatic archiving when a document is added to an expense report or exported to CSV, etc.

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TC Comptables allows you to optimize your investment by adapting it correctly to your needs and situation. Our team is specially trained to organize and supervise the bookkeeping of your accounting data and administrative documents using Dext.

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