Cloud Accounting Services

With the development of teleworking, cloud accounting solutions are on the rise more than ever. For entrepreneurs who are starting a business as well as for leaders with years of experience, cloud accounting is a modern solution with many advantages.

A smooth transition to cloud accounting services

You certainly know that TC Comptables supports its clients for their QuickBooks integration or TSheets integration. But that’s not all: we can also be at your side for your transition to cloud accounting services.

Are you new to business? Or an experienced entrepreneur wishing to integrate a modern accounting solution allowing to manage accounts anytime and from anywhere? We can help you set up cloud accounting within your business: you can work more flexibly through remote connections, develop collaborative work and boost your business performance.

The other good news is that in return for these productivity gains, this transition does not require any modification in the way you work, nor a change of equipment. Simply, instead of having the accounting software on a company server, you will use remote servers where your data will be processed and stored.

Cloud accounting; a tailor-made tool without needing to invest

While the move to cloud accounting services will bring you many advantages, it does not require any investment:

  • Your server will be rented as a monthly subscription (you will have no long-term commitment);
  • Your employees will be able to continue to use their desktop computer or even their PC or tablet to work from home.

On the other hand, cloud accounting services will offer you all the advantages of a high-performance IT service without having the technical expertise in-house, at no additional cost. These include:

  • Automatic data synchronization;
  • Secure storage of financial data;
  • Import processes eliminating double entry errors;
  • Protection against unauthorized access.

Finally, by opting for cloud accounting services, you will benefit from a personalized service that can be adapted in real-time to the company’s needs:

  • The multi-user functionality will allow you to give remote access to several of your employees and your CPA and to communicate quickly between the various stakeholders;
  • The cloud accounting contract can be modified in real-time according to the needs of your business: if your organization is growing, you will be able to increase your subscription (more user access, more storage, etc.) as it develops.

Thinking of switching to cloud accounting? Contact TC Comptables. Our Montreal accounting firm’s collaborators will be happy to provide you with information.

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