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We integrate bookkeeping into your business cycle by offering adapted solutions to your type of business to optimize your access to pertinent financial information. The healthy management and administration of your books is an important challenge for any company, no matter what size.

Bookkeeping service adapted to your business

We know that not every contractor has the same needs. Whether you are a small and medium sized businesses, a large company or a self-employed worker, we offer several options to provide a customized bookkeeping service in Montreal and Quebec.


Outsource your bookkeeping completely to our team of certified technicians in our offices.

On site:

One of our experienced bookkeepers can come to your offices in order to assist you with administration and data entry.

Cloud accounting:

With our cutting-edge cloud accounting tools, we can manage and control your bookkeeping from a distance.

External control:

We can offer you an external validation of your bookkeeping by organizing monthly, quarterly or yearly reviews with a CPA in order to implement and ensure adequate controls for the accounting processes of your administrative team.

Expertise in several accounting software packages

Our experienced bookkeepers are trained and fully operational on most accounting software and cloud accounting platforms including:

Why is bookkeeping important?

It is mandatory

Bookkeeping for any business owner is mandatory, so you won’t be able to avoid it if you want to be in good standing. It must include all the accounting operations that were carried out during the year. It will also be used to accurately fill out certain tax reports for Revenu Québec, the Canada Revenue Agency and many other organizations.

Monitoring the financial situation

With properly managed record keeping, you will be able to keep track of your current and past financial situation. You will therefore be able to easily make a comparison between the two.

Planning and forecasting your financial situation

With constant monitoring of current and past financial situations, we can make predictions. We can set up tax planning for exemple and calculate the income tax returns.

Controlling and monitoring expenses

By recording its various costs in accounting entries, the company’s expenses are calculated in real time and therefore gives a better view of its expenses.

Efficiently monitor customer receivables, invoicing and inventories

Thanks to rigorous recording, the invoices, stock and work in progress for each customer can be easily tracked.

Optimize business management

By carrying out a professional financial follow-up, a company can have a clearer view of the various cost and income items. Thanks to this, well-considered and appropriate strategic decisions can be taken.

Reducing the risk of errors

With good visibility on its financial situation, companies with good bookkeeping will reduce the risk of untrue or exaggerated statements.

Save time

When everything is well organized, there is no waste of time in retrieving information scattered everywhere. During a control, it is therefore easier to find the necessary information and thus escape a sanction.

Our other accounting services

Individual tax

Licensed individual tax preparer, we specialize in complex tax situations and policy.

Corporate tax

Discover the fiscal expertise we maintain in order to better serve our corporate clients for their income and sales tax needs.

Financial Statements

We regularly monitor your financial progress with monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements to analyze the achievement of your objectives. It is also possible to follow financial evolution in real-time.

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