Evolve with a young and dynamic team

At Tourangeau Crochetière CPA Inc. we are always in search of the best candidates to better serve our customers.

Our fast growing dynamic team offers interesting career opportunities in accounting, assurance and tax.

Proud to be Internship Supervisor for the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants, we have approved intern status for CPAs graduating in Finance, Tax and Performance Management. We have been supervising and training future CPAs for several years, aiding them to launch their careers.

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Our bookkeepers are subjected to the highest quality of accounting standards in order to prepare financial information and reports for our customers.

The main tasks revolve around bookkeeping, the preparation of tax reports, financial statements and income tax declarations for individuals.

Accountant intern (CPA)

We actively train CPAs in Finance, Tax and Performance Management to allow them to learn the best accounting practices on today’s market.

The main tasks consist of the management of the bookkeeping cycle of a company, client relations, the preparation of tax reports, financial statements as well as individual and corporate tax.

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